Discreet, flexible, efficient and competent

HAMNØY is a recruitment- and consulting company strategically located in the Haugesund region, midway between Bergen and Stavanger. We assist clients throughout Norway.

Recruitment, strategic planning, leadership development – we help our clients safely to the finish line with critical processes.

Our customer value proposition: We will meet you with respect and we treat all information in an discreet way. We are competent and effective. We are flexible and accessible. We do not give in before you as a customer is satisfied.

Hamnøy AS was established by Jan Tore Hamnøy in December 2014.




Jan Tore is an experienced manager with a large network, overview and more than 18 years experience in private business and recruitment of managers and employees.

Personlig sertifikat DNV-GL Jan Tore Hamnøy

Jan Tore has a versatile senior management and leadership background, and has, among other things held management positions as Executive Editor, Managing Director, Regional Director, Commercial Director, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sales Manager and owner and founder of two companies. Jan Tore has held a number of posts as a director and chairman. As a leader Jan Tore extensive experience from demanding omstilling- and downsizing processes. In Hamnøy AS Jan Tore experience from many industries with special focus on search, executive search and consulting fields such media and IT. Jan Tore established Hamnøy AS in December 2014. Hamnøy certified that recruits according to DNV-GL standard for recruiters.

Telephone: + 47 411 02 200 or email jth@hamnoy.no


Else-Margrethe has a varied experience both from NGOs, private consultancy and government bodies. She has over 7 years of consulting experience and has worked with selection of candidates for varied positions and industries.

Personlig sertifikat DNV-GL Jan Tore Hamnøy

She has experience as a lecturer on topics such as leadership and team, both for commercial and non-governmental actors. Else-Margrethe has also worked with recruitment and skills development in the state, and she has built up expertise in governmental regulation in connection with the recruitment and hiring.

Else-Margrethe has a bachelor’s degree in occupational and organizational psychology from the University of Bergen, and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Nordland. Liknes certified that recruits according to DNV-GL standard for recruiters.

Telephone: + 47 969 11 135 or email eml@hamnoy.no

Pål has a broad experience in recruiting, leadership, organisation development, challenging personnel matters, change management and downsizing processes. He has worked in specialist and managerial roles in the oil and gas industry, IT, Shared Services, Occupational Health and Private Health Sector. Pål has among others held positions as consultant, discipline leader, HR Leader and Manager. Pål is a business and people oriented person with a strategic and operational experience from large complex organisations as well as medium and small businesses.

Pål holds a bachelor’s degree in Organisational Science from the University of Bergen, and a master’s degree  in Change Management from the University of Stavanger.

Telephone: + 47 416 68 192 or email pm@hamnoy.no

Bjørg graduated as a journalist in 2015 and has a broad experience in marketing, communication, recruiting and journalism. She has gained good skills in communication and digital tools through studies and employment.  Bjørg holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Production from NTNU in Gjøvik, and a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Griffith University in Australia.

Bjørg is employed in a position as a researcher / marketing.

Telephone: + 47 907 37 254 or email bhs@hamnoy.no

Tuva Kvalevaag Simensen

Tuva Kvalevaag Simensen has over 7 years experience in the field of HR and Marketing. With roles that combine the two fields she has acquired a strong commercial understanding, and an in-depth knowledge in recruitment and development, organizational development and employer branding.


Tuva worked 3 years with development, use and training of psychometric tools for recruitment and development with an international perspective, and has knowledge and insight in best practices within the use of psychometric.

She has experience with the entire recruitment process, improving recruitment processes, and good candidate experience. She has worked with people development in different levels within organizations, and building company culture and value development processes.

Tuva is analytical and thorough i her work. With a focus on research based methods, Tuva will contribute with new competency within testing and employer branding. Tuva has a bachelor’s’ degree in Marketing and a MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology.

Tuva is employed in a position as advisor / headhunter.

Telephone: +47 476 54 882 or email tks@hamnoy.no


High quality advisory

HAMNØY offers high quality recruitment- and advisory services. 

Our aim is to help realize the potential of people and organizations.


We assist you with the recruitment of senior managers, middle managers, professionals and directors. We assist large and small organizations, and has more than 30 customers in our customer list. Our customers are located primarily in Haugesund region, in western and in the Oslo area. We help clients with recruitment processes across the country.

We deliver recruitment processes and advisory of high quality. Targeted recruitment is of vital importance for the future of any organization. We help you as a leader to think holistically and strategically – and we’ll help you find the one that’s may be the most capable in the position.

Our goal is to be your conversation partner and strategic advisor in efforts to improve and develop your organization.

We offer customized solutions tailored to your needs. Our standard recruitment process is complete process from A-to-A with marketing, active search and selection. Please contact us and let us find until the solution that best suits you.


We assist leaders and their management teams by providing advice and coaching so desired objectives and results are achieved.

Our goal is simple, we want to maximise the potential in people and organisations. Please contact us today and we will help you find the right solutions to your challenges ahead.


We are always happy to be contacted by the candidates, current and potential clients.

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